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Todd Dumas

Principal, Lead Designer

Todd earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. Tragically (or serendipitously), Todd graduated at the peak of the dot-com crash, in the Silicon Valley / Bay Area, and was unable to get a job that would utilize his engineering background. He then moved back to Boulder, and began toying with graphic and web design software, taking on small, starter projects as they came up. Fast forward a decade, and his hobby has morphed into a career, and his diploma has morphed into an origami swan on his desk. Todd, his wife, and their three hedgehogs live in Longmont, CO.
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Taavo Smith

CTO, Web Developer

Taavo is a Boston native who earned his B.A. at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. Since he first learned to program in '94, he's been involved with a wide variety of projects - from neural network message categorization, software internationalization and desktop application development to everyday web development. Paradoxically, Taavo is also an actor, dancer and playwright, and received his M.F.A. from Naropa University in 2009. You can find info on his performances at taavosmith.com.
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Hilary Clarcq

Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Web Designer

After graduating with a B.A. from CU Boulder, Hilary explored various parts of the world before returning to Colorado where she employs a mighty mouse and a mightier-than-the-sword pencil to design print collateral, apparel, logos and websites for clients near and far. In addition to polished pixels, handsome vectors, and elegant code, Hilary also loves the outdoors, the printed word, and challenges. Her preferred means of transportation are bikes, surfboards, and the Internet. You can view more of her work at hilaryclarcq.com.
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