Featured Client Cyrium Technologies

In the fall of 2009, we designed a comprehensive identity brand and website package for Cyrium Technologies™ of Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Cyrium is developing high-efficiency solar cells, using proprietary breakthrough technology, for the terrestrial CPV market.

To properly represent the company and services, the collateral needed a tech-modern feel along with a solar, or "green" theme.

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Styles & Features
Date Project Name Category Full Description Technologies Website Link Image Name
10/19/2009 Cyrium Technologies Logo Redesign

In the fall of 2009, we redesigned a comprehensive brand identity and website package for Cyrium Technologies™ of Ottawa, Canada. Since not all applications can include such a background color, we designed an alternate logo as well. (Next thumbnail.)

  • Tech-Modern Design
Logo Design logo_Cyrium_onblack.jpg
10/19/2009 Cyrium Technologies Logo Redesign

This alternate version of the logo was designed to be used on a white background.

  • Tech-Modern Design
Logo Design Alternate logo_Cyrium_onwhite.jpg
11/17/2009 Cyrium Technologies Website Redesign

CyriumTechnologies.com launched in November, with control handed over to their in-house webmaster.

  • Custom Front end Design
  • Drupal - Driven Back end
  • Large Site @ 80+ Pages
www.CyriumTechnologies.com website_cyrium.jpg
11/17/2009 Cyrium Technologies Content Management System

CyriumTechnologies.com is a Drupal 6-Driven website with a from-scratch, custom-designed, front-end skin.

  • Drupal 6
Drupal CMS Back-end web_development_Cyrium.jpg
11/01/2009 Cyrium Technologies Collateral Package Design

In addition to the designs show here, work continues on PowerPoint templates and custom Product Sheets.

  • Business Cards
  • Stationery
  • Envelopes
Collateral Package Design collateral_Cyrium.jpg
11/01/2009 Cyrium Technologies Graphic Standards & Guidelines

In addition to the logo and collateral design, we included a robust graphic standards package.

  • Logo variations,
  • Colors specifications
  • Font specifications
  • Layout guidelines
Graphic Standards & Guidelines graphic_standards_Cyrium.jpg

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