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We have worked with Precision Plumbing of Boulder, CO, since 2003. Over the years, we have performed a variety of design services, ranging from vehicle graphic design, photo retouching, website redesign and SEO management.

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Technologies & Features
Date Project Name Category Full Description Technologies Website Link Image Name
03/20/2009 Precision Plumbing Vehicle Graphic Design

In 2009, we worked with Precision Plumbing to create a new graphic for their mobile demo showroom. We brought the project from concept through final delivery. Professional photography by DotForDot, our neighbor in Boulder, CO.

  • Concept Creation
  • Illustration
  • Photography Supervision
  • Print Supervision
Vehicle Graphic Design van_graphic_Precision.jpg
04/01/2008 Precision Plumbing Website Redesign

In 2008, we redesigned the Precision Plumbing website to capture leads and drive internet traffic to their new online scheduling module.The new website was launched in conjunction with a Pay-Per-Click campaign (managed externally). We revise the site weekly to improve search engine ranking and expand content.

  • SEO Friendly
  • Streaming Video
  • Custom Icons
  • 3000 Visits Per Month
www.PrecsionPlumbing.com website_redesign_precision.jpg
01/09/2005 Precision Plumbing Expo Display

In 2005, we designed the expo display for a homeowners event to be attended by Precision.

  • Large format design
  • Expo Display Design
Expo Display expo_display_precision.jpg
12/09/2004 Precision Plumbing Vehicle Graphic Design

In 2004, we worked with DotForDot photography to design the new graphics for the Precision Plumbing van fleet.

  • Large format design
  • Photo retouching
Vehicle Graphic Design van_graphic_Precision04.jpg
02/19/2009 Precision Plumbing Coupon Set Design

In 2009, we designed a series of coupon sets to be used on Precision's website as well as other print media.

  • 4 sets of service specific coupons
Coupon Set Design coupon_set_precision.jpg
11/09/2003 Precision Plumbing Newsletter Design

In 2003, we designed a two-color newsletter, based on their existing newsletter design.

  • 2-Color Print Design
Newsletter Design publication_PrecisionNewsletter.jpg

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