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Website Redesign Portfolio

Now that the internet is 40 years old, and the website design industry is a good 15 years old, there are many first-generation websites that could use a makeover. We call these projects redesigns, and we get more of them each year.

So, if you currently have a website that looks a bit outdated, or lacks the latest widget, we can help modernize both appearance and functionality.

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Technologies & Features
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Date Project Name Category Full Description Technologies Website Link Image Name Orig Image
08/30/2011 Bridge Diagnostics Inc. Website Redesign

In 2011, we redesigned, a large, WordPress-driven, custom-designed website. The new website features a custom relational database of the BDI’s products, services, and structures, which are client-manageable from the WordPress dashboard.

  • WordPress Back-end
  • Relational Database
  • Tech-style design website_BDI_home.jpg website_BDI_orig_home.jpg
11/03/2010 GeoTol Website Redesign

In 2010, we redesigned and developed a custom, fully-integrated, product database, e-commerce system / shopping cart plugin for the WordPress 3. Branding, branded website design, and content created by Malowany Associates.

  • Custom WordPress E-Commerce System
  • Secure Web Hosting website_GeoTol_dvd_page.jpg website_GeoTol_orig_content.jpg
07/23/2010 BSI | BP2 | Bolder Staffing Inc. Website Redesign

In the summer of 2010, we worked with Malowany Associates to redesign Project included a jobs module which fetches information from an eEmpACT MsSQL database. Branding, branded website design, and content created by Malowany Associates.

  • Custom Front end Design
  • WordPress Back end
  • Custom-Web application development BSI_content_prelaunch_v2.jpg website_orig_BSI_home.jpg
11/17/2009 Cyrium Technologies Website Redesign

In November 2009, we launched Cyrium Technologies V2.0 and handed the site over to their in-house webmaster. Since site launch, we have provided standard drupal-update support and archiving services.

  • Custom Front end Design
  • Drupal - Driven Back end
  • Medium Site @ 40+ Pages website_cyrium.jpg website_orig_Cyrium_home.jpg
03/03/2009 Office Evolution Website Redesign

In 2009, we launched, the sixth iteration of their website. The site is database driven with branched userflow and category specific call-to-actions. We currently maintain the OE site, and product sites.

  • Web 2.0 Design / Functionality
  • Custom database & CMS
  • 2500 Visits Per Month
  • Large Site @ 100+ Pages website_OE_home_v4_2.jpg website_OE_V5_home.jpg
08/01/2009 Town of Niwot, CO Website Redesign

In 2009, we implemented the website for the Town of Niwot, Colorado. Branding, branded website design, and content created by Malowany Associates. We have since expanded the site with a custom database of local businesses.

  • Retro Style Design
  • 2000 Visits Per Month
  • Custom Database
  • Medium Site @ 40+ Pages website_niwot.jpg website_orig_Niwot_home.jpg

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