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Did your website designer disappear? Has your webmaster fallen off the face of the earth? You are not alone. It is not uncommon to be left without someone to maintain and update your website. If this is the case, you need a new webmaster.

This page features websites that were not originally created by DesignDivine. We have picked up these sites post-launch, and we are now in charge of managing them. Our site maintenance service contracts typically cover basic content updates. However, clients often request significant functionality upgrades / fixes / modifications.

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Technologies & Features
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Date Project Name Category Full Description Technologies Website Link Image Name Image 500
03/11/2011 Metro Contracting Services, Inc. Website Maintenance

In the spring of 2011, we assumed control of the MCS website, rebuilt the site on WordPress CMS system, and continue to assist MCS with ongoing SEM /SEO campaigns.

  • WordPress Rebuild
  • Domain name reclamation assistance webmaster_MCS.jpg
12/15/2010 Venator Partners Website Maintenance

In 2010, we took over, a neglected WordPress 2.3 site. Although the content was current and the site in-use, the WordPress core had not been updated since 2007. We brought the site and server up to speed, and began making additions and modifications by request.

  • Major WordPress Upgrade (2.3 to 3.0.3)
  • VPS Server Cleanup
  • Constant Contact Integration website_Venator_orig_content.jpg
09/01/2010 KTerra Website Maintenance

In 2010, we took over, a robust, PHP database-driven website with complex architecture and multiple custom applications. We are currently hosting and maintaining the site.

  • Website Migration
  • Website Hosting webmaster_Kterra_home.jpg
06/08/2010 Stonehouse Signs Website Maintenance

In 2010, we took over for the Arvada based sign manufacturing company. The site is a robust, ASP website with extremely out-dated HTML architecture.

  • ASP Website Maintenance webmaster_stonehouse_home.jpg
08/03/2008 RadNet Website Maintenance

In 2008, we took over, a robust, semi-static, semi-database-driven, flash enabled website. In addition to typical static content updates, we performed several major upgrades to their custom CMS system, and several complicated template modifications.

  • HTML Website Maintenance
  • PHP/MySQL functionality upgrades webmaster_radnet_homepage.jpg
08/12/2009 Accountant Exchange Inc. Website Maintenance

In 2009, we took over, a small semi-static, semi-database-driven website. When we accepted the project, it was half completed by programmers in the Ukraine.

  • HTML Website Maintenance
  • PHP/MySQL functionality upgrades webmaster_axinc_content.jpg

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