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Website Redesign Portfolio

99% of the time, when we redesign a site, we will rebuild it on a Content Management System (CMS). This will put you in direct control over your own website content, and remove the need for you to contact a webmaster for any day-to-day updates.

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Date Project Name Category Full Description Technologies Website Link Image Name Orig Image
08/25/2009 Allen Scientific Glass Inc. Website Redesign

In 2009, we overhauled the site for a Colorado-native scientific glassblowing company, ASG. The site employs a disciplined grid structure, which indirectly reflects the professionalism of ASG service and products.

  • Modern Design
  • Small site @ 10 pages website_asg.jpg website_orig_ASG_home.jpg
08/24/2010 Global Quality Alliance Website Redsign

We just deployed the new website for Global Quality Alliance, a pharmaceutical and bio-tech quality consulting firm in Colorado. v2.0 features a redesigned logo and a custom, fresh, clean website design which fits within industry norms. The site is built on the WP platform.

  • Custom Front-End Design
  • WordPress CMS Back-End
  • Hosting package included website_GQA_home.jpg website_orig_GQA.jpg
04/05/2010 Fall Frenzy Triathlon Website Redesign

In 2006, we redesigned the website for Fall Frenzy Triathlon and assumed the webmaster position. In 2010, we redesigned their site again to keep pace with changing design trends and web technologies.

  • Website Redesign
  • Traffic Peaks at 7000 visits per month
  • Medium site @ 25 pages website_FallFrenzy_v3.jpg website_orig_FF_home.jpg
04/01/2008 Precision Plumbing Website Redesign

In 2008, we redesigned the Precision Plumbing website to capture leads and drive internet traffic to their new online scheduling module. We revise the site weekly to improve search engine ranking and expand content.

  • User Friendly Design
  • Custom Icons
  • 3000 Visits Per Month
  • Large Site @ 100+ Pages website_precision_loveland_home.jpg website_precision_orig_2004.jpg
12/23/2009 Sensia Website Redesign

In December 2009, we launched the redesign of for a Boulder-based beverage company. Branding, branded website design, and content created by Malowany Associates.

  • Ajax Heavy front-end
  • Mini E-Commerce Module
  • Wordpress Blog Module website_Sensia.jpg website_orig_Sensia_experience.jpg
07/15/2009 SOARS Website Redesign

In 2009, we implemented the website for SOARS, a summer mentoring program by UCAR. Branding, branded website design, and content created by Malowany Associates.

  • Web 2.0 Design + Technologies
  • Accessibility Standards
  • Medium Site @ 50+ Pages website_SOARS_home_2010.jpg website_orig_SOARS_home.jpg

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